NED – Algemene voorwaarden en annulatievoorwaarden
FRA – Conditions générales et conditions d’annulation


1.    Participation is only valid after payment of the registration fee.
2.    If an event has to be canceled because of exceptional conditions (i.e. extreme weather conditions or in case the safety of the participants can not be assured) the registered athlete can not claim a refund of the registration fee.  The organization can not be required to repay the registration fee.
3.    Participation requires a good health.  Each participant agrees to comply with this condition.  We recommend, before participation, a sports medical examination by a qualified sports physician. Sportevents can not be held responsible for medical problems of a participant.
4.    Civil liability insurance and insurance for physical injuries are not included by default. If it does, this will be clearly mentioned on the site.
5.    Every participant has to wear his/her race number always visibly at the breast or the back.
6.    The organization is not responsible for damage, loss and/or theft of personal items of the participants, before, during and after the race.
7.    Paticipants accept the uniqueness of this kind of races/raids and will, dispite the presence of signalers, always take into account possible pedestrians or traffic. They adhere the recommendations given by the organization and at all times the general Highway Code must be respected.
8.    The organization reserves the right to change the tracks for reasons of safety or acces.
9.    The distribution of prizes listed on the website of the event, is not binding and can be unilaterally modified by the organizer.
10.    All participants information is intended for the organization.  They may however be transmitted to other partners who are contractually bound to the organization.  By your participation you agree to possible use of your photo in print, film, video, etc. for promotional purpose of the organizer without claiming any fee.


1. You can cancel your registration up to 15 days before the contest via the cancellation form on the website. You will receive a discount code for the value of your registration reduced by 10 euros administration fee. This discount code is NOT personal, valid for 1 (one) year and can only be used once for one of our events of which the registrations are NOT FULL. We do not return the registration amount in any case.
2. Cancellations are not possible during the last 2 (two) weeks
3. Changing distance to a smaller (cheaper) race is free untill 15 days before the race. After this date it is only possible the day itself. This is also free.
4. Changing distance to a bigger (more expensive) competition is only possible on the day itself. In this case you pay the difference cash on raceday.


You can never pass on your bib number to someone else.