Points ITRA et/ou UTMB®

From January 1, 2019 the ITRA® uses a new points system for qualifying races to participate in, for example, the UTMB®, CCC®, TDS® and the OCC®.

These points are obtained by the formula: distance (km) + (altimeters (m) / 100). For example: A race of 50km and 2000m+ will give you 50 + (2000/100) = 70 Km-effort = 2 ITRA® points.
This race will be categorized in category “S” with an Km-effort between 45 and 75.
The races will be categorized differently from March 1, 2018 as u can see in the table 1 below.

UTMB® points and ITRA® points are not the same, you’ll find more information about it, in the text below.

Table 1

The ITRA® performance index calculated according to the new classification/catégory will be effective from March 2018. (table 1 – 1st column)
The new points, defined according to the new limits, will apply from 2019. (Table 1)
2018 races keep the points assigned according to the old limits. (Table 2)

Table 2

n table 3 below, you’ll find the points you need to register for the lottery of one of the UTMB® races.

Table 3

ITRA® points vs. UTMB® points.

ITRA® points:

To receive ITRA® points, the organization of the trailrun must request the ITRA® points at the ITRA®. ITRA treats the demand as fast as possible, calculates the right total of points and assigns them to the race.
Each participant who finishes the race in time, gets these ITRA® points automatically. The participants don’t have to do anything but finishing the race in time to earn the ITRA® points.
We recommend the participants to make an account on http://itra.run to have a clear view on their races.

UTMB® points:

Request of UTMB® points.

When ITRA has approved the ITRA® points to the race, the organization receives a unique ID of this race. With this unique ID, the organization can do a request at the organization of the UTMB® to add his race on the list of qualified UTMB® Races. From the moment that the UTMB® organization approves this request, the race is officially an UTMB® qualified race and the ITRA® point(s) becomes also (a) UTMB® point(s).

This step can take 10 days.

Notice : A ITRA® point is not necessarily a UTMB® point. The organization can procure ITRA® points without giving UTMB® points. The organization must request the UTMB® points at the organization to add this race on the list.

Assigning UTMB® points to the athletes.

When the organization has the official results of his race, he sends the results to ITRA® who will treats them.
The athletes in the results will automatically receive the ITRA® points. The UTMB® receives the data from the ITRA® and knows from then how much points you have.
Important : You can only have UTMB® points if the organization request this points at the UTMB.
Our organization always gives both.

This last step can take a few weeks.


30 November 2017

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